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At Cottage Labs we have been working on a Jisc-funded Course Demonstrator project, consuming XCRI data and producing useful views on the data. We have a project homepage here:

We began by first surveying the prevelance of XCRI and Course Data feeds on the web ( to see how many resources we could find. Then we worked on the XCRI directory, attempting to get useful course data records (, and produced a software pipeline to go from the XCRI directory to a dataset we could work with ( Along the way we converted the XML formatted XCRI into JSON ( and performed some cleanup on the data ( Finally, then, we could look at the quality of the data, and were able to identify a number of consistent issues with both the specification and the implementations which hamper the making of good aggregation tools (

There will be more to come on the front-end of the demonstrator, which runs off the data produced in this back-end part of the project.