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Advantages of APIs

Published: October 2012

By enabling data sharing between internal IT systems and between one organisation and another, APIs facilitate not only the dissemination of knowledge but also the design of innovative online services for students and staff. By removing the need to repeat laborious data entry tasks, they save staff time and increase organisational efficiency.

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Investigating the suitability of Apache Solr and Elasticsearch for Mimas Jorum / Dashboard

Published: September 2012

Whilst working with Mimas on improving their in-house repository interface and custom stats dashboard, it became clear after speccing things out and identifying requirements that a faceted browse frontend over a decent bit of indexing kit would help us achieve many of our goals.Mimas were already well versed with this sort of tech, having used Apache Solr for a number of years - as we, too, have done. However we have also been using the newer Elasticsearch of late, and along with our anticipation of some particularly tricky queries, we decided spend the first sprint or two investigating these two indexing options.

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Researcher Identifiers

Published: January 2012

The need for a researcher identifier has been widely debated. Cottage Labs were commissioned to write two complementary reports: one detailing the technical aspects of implementing an identifier and profile system for researchers, and the other providing an overview of sources of data relevant to the task of creating those profiles for academic researchers in the UK. A researcher profile offers many inherent benefits at both the individual, institutional and national level and these reports highlights some of the salient systems in use.

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Software Selection Methodologies for Libraries

Published: October 2011

Choosing the right software for use in a library can be difficult when faced with the plethora of options and versions of library solutions available. This document highlights the benefits derived from a successful Software Selection Methodology (SSM), and breaks down the various criteria and steps for choosing software. The methodical, systematic approach outlined provides the tools to compare Open Source and commercial solutions and aims to support the reader in choosing the right solution for their library.

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A Technical Review of Open Access Repository Registries

Published: July 2011

This document provides a technical review of the capabilities, benefits and drawbacks of two leading Open Access Repository Registries (OARRs) – OpenDOAR and ROAR. Both systems are considered qualitatively and quantitatively with a view to identifying those facets which provide value for a repository registry service.

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