Your data lifecycle

The data lifecycle refers to the stages that data goes through from its creation or capture to its eventual destination with users and archives.

Understanding the lifecycle of the data is crucial for all projects to manage your data effectively, ensure compliance and optimise resource utilisation.

Cottage Labs can design and develop processes to streamline your data lifecycle and gain maximum value from your data assets. These stages typically include:

Capture: This is where data is generated or collected. It could be through manual entry, spreadsheets, integration with other systems and user interactions for quality control and assurance.

Store: Where and how should your data be stored for efficient access, usage, retrieval, preservation and archive. We can store your data in the right environment for your project needs.

Manage: Manage your data through custom processes and workflows, empowering your data managers. This could mean comprehensive user tools, preservation and access environments, and data destruction at the end of its life.

Analyse: Data is often processed or analysed to clean it, extract insights for decision makers, to make the data easily discoverable, and to maximise its usage.

Share: Share your data via flexible interfaces for humans or machines, using text, charts and reports which best showcase the data, and make it easy to consume and disseminate.

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