EUI COVID Data Portal

During the pandemic, the European University Institute reached out to us to build a digital repository for COVID-19 related research. We customised and deployed an instance of CERN's InvenioRDM platform to support their metadata project. We subsequently re-implemented their metadata harvesters to further populate this repository.


A metadata-only repository using brand new software, we customised a few components to better suit EUI's needs.


A stripped-out version of InvenioRDM, deployed on a virtual machine hosted by us and themed, customised for EUI. The harvesters were re-written from R to Python, with great improvements to code reuse and a data pipeline to improve metadata quality.


We have great uptime and stability on our InvenioRDM instance, which has seen research use for a number of years. We've successfully migrated through various InvenioRDM versions to maintain support and gain features.