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Cottage Labs is a small partnership of software development and project management professionals, providing social and technical solutions to education, research and other organisations with complex information infrastructures.

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Use your data to report and advertise about your work in beautiful, informative and dynamic ways. Click to learn more.

typically we build web-based data management, processing and analysis tools. Often we work with educational or research organisations, but not exclusively - if you have data and information that needs looking after we can help. We can work with anything from sensor data to student information to research publications, and have experience working with scales of a few thousand to many millions of records.

around open source software development, open access, open source community development, software development project management, software technical and architectural design, academic (meta)data processing and research information management.

around particular problems that universities, charities or government departments need to know more about, covering the range of social and technical aspects of process change. Presented in a variety of formats from long textual reports to short visual representations, via web, print and pdf.

We can also do some pretty neat data visualisations.

services tend to come alongside our other offerings, however we do also offer management services separately. Our expertise lies in agile methodologies and we usually manage software development projects, however we also have experience running non-technical projects as well.

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Cottage Labs began as a concept in discussions between Mark, Richard, and other developers in and around Higher Education concerning the idea of making sure anyone doing research or education could get access to the data and software and development services that they required, regardless of academic affiliation. In July 2010 Mark quit his job to make this idea a reality; by March 2011 Richard had done the same; and in July 2011, we founded the Cottage Labs partnership. Since then we have grown in number and you can learn about each of us below.

Mark does all sorts of development work and manages CL sysadmin, whilst also researching social and technical development issues. He likes to be the architect, to creatively plan systems and projects, and to encourage people.

Richard is in charge of CL relationships, and he codes furiously whilst leading people to project goals as if it was what they always wanted. He likes to make sure everything is just as it should be, and he is quite often our sprint manager.

Martyn became our third partner in August 2012. He always appears perfectly calm, and can organise himself and others with reassuring certainty. He likes to apply his development skills where they are most needed, and he is in charge of CL accounting.

Emanuil is our very smart and enthusiastic graduate developer, he will try anything once, and is learning which ones are worth sticking to. He became our fourth partner in May 2014.

Our associates help make CL what it is, providing their skilled input to suitable projects on a very regular basis.

Bex is a languages expert who helps us stay in touch with our wider community, and she usually provides comms and project organisation support.

Nevelina is a recent graduate and software developer who joined us as an Associate in early 2014. She also has an eye for project management and helping clients understand their business cases.

Steve became our first actual employee in early 2014 and is interested in software development and systems administration. As a recent graduate he also is interested in text mining and semantic interpretation.

Laura takes care of all our admin tasks, making sure we get our accounts in order and do all our banking and paperwork in time. She occasionally assists on projects as an extra set of eyes on data, collecting all the most important details we need to succeed.

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