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Oxford DMP Online

Oxford DMPOnline is a project working with the University of Oxford and the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) to deploy the new DMPOnline software as a service within Oxford. In addition to giving extensive feedback to the development of DMPOnline, we are also testing the limits of the localised deployments of this central service and working with the DCC to find the best ways to approach such deployments. The second aspect to the project is to implement SWORD 2.0 on behalf of the DCC to allow Data Management Plans to be deposited directly from the service to the institution's local digital repository. In our case we are using an instance of DataBank, which is the software we are concurrently working on with Oxford under the DataFlow project.

Funded By: JISC
Project Partners: University of Oxford, DCC (Digital Curation Centre)
Cottage Labs Lead: Richard
Project Blog:
Project Resources:DMPOnlineDMPTool - a US version of a similar piece of software Timeline: October 2011 - October 2012

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