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XCRI-cap course feed demonstrator

This is a current project
Funded By: JISC
Cottage Labs Lead: Mark
Timeline: September 2012 - March 2013
Code repository:

Project Summary

The previous phase of JISC xcri-cap work has succeeded in creating an environment from which rich course metadata across numerous institutes can be easily extracted; by taking advantage of the application programming interfaces already in place in this environment, we can quickly demonstrate the value of access to such high quality data - providing a basis for further uptake of similar APIs across all institutes in the higher education community, enabling better provision of information to students (for the purposes of discovery) and staff (for the purposes of analysis).

By collecting course information data via the xcri-cap feeds of various institutes, we will present an easily searchable, navigable, up to date collection of all available metadata in one place, with faceted browse capability on any key datapoints. This will make it easier to present the value of scholarship beyond that of being a consumable good, as well as providing justification to the consumer that the quality of the delivered service is worthy of the high cost.

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