Jobs at Cottage Labs

Cottage Labs is a partnership of data experts who help our clients understand and utilise their data more effectively. We build tailored solutions for their needs, from software to processes, across the whole data spectrum. Our customers are primarily academic/research related, involving work with researchers, research publications, and research data. Projects run from a few months to years, usually involving development, customisation, and deployment of data management and analysis platforms.

Software Engineer

The role

CL requires an experienced programmer to help us with our ever growing software development workload. Key responsibilities include:

  • Contribute high quality code, tests, and documentation to CL projects
  • Collaborate with project team members - discuss approach to new features, review pull requests, pair programming where applicable, etc.
  • Communicate effectively with clients - attend meetings where possible, engage with queries and technical questions relating to projects
  • Perform infrastructure tasks such as provisioning servers, code deployments, and scripting on live systems
  • Keep up-to-date with best practice and promising new technologies
  • Engage in productive discussion with your colleagues

In addition, the role requires configuration and maintenance of your own development environment, and access to a suitable work environment. Cottage Labs does not have offices, and all members work remotely.

Proximity to London, Milton Keynes or Edinburgh preferred, or in a UK/EU timezone, for regular online meetings and occasional in-person meetings. More in-person time will be required during training period.

Our stack

Cottage Labs has a variety of long-term projects with common components, and you should have proficiency in:

  • Python
  • Flask
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • ElasticSearch
  • Git and GitHub

In addition to development, it may be necessary to perform deployments and diagnosis of running systems, for which familiarity with Linux servers, remote access via SSH, and wider knowledge of web hosting would be useful.

In addition to the above technologies, we work in a wide variety of other languages as clients and situations demand, including Ruby, Java, node.js and SQL. Skill in these languages is not required, but any extra capabilities you can bring would be a bonus.


  • Remote working as standard (with ~monthly in-person meetings, expenses covered)
  • Flexible working hours
  • 30 days holiday (UK bank holidays included)
  • 25k - 45k depending on experience and location (will consider junior to senior developers)
  • Pension

To apply contact us at with your CV.